In addition to photography, the (award winning) creative team at Toby Hoogs Productions, inc. offers premium videography and digital editing services. We shoot with top-of-the-line, high definition Canon and Sony video cameras, utilizing a multitude of photographic lenses for unique visual effects in moving pictures. Our setup includes wireless microphones for crisp, clear sound; and auxiliary lighting to illuminate colors and details in low-light scenes. Our editing style portrays your event in cinematic quality, combining the stunning visual background(s) of Hawaii, with your unfolding ceremony and reception, to create a documentary-style mini film of your special day. Our team has worked together for over ten years, evolving with the ever-changing industry. Therefore, utilizing our services offers you the combination of cutting edge cinematic production techniques, intimate knowledge and understanding of equipment and changing technology in both cameras and editing software, and many years of accomplished professional experience.

Additional services we provide include:·

  • - Real-time web broadcasting of your event.
  • This allows friends and family all over the world to join in your celebration remotely, needing only internet access to virtually ‘be there’! ·
  • - The Life Story montage.
  • Using the latest digital editing software, we can weave together photo and video footage of the Bride and Groom as they telling the visual story (set to music) of who you are and how your love has come to be.·
  • - Blu-ray DVD mastering·
  • - Cinematic highlight reel recap montage·
  • - Same day edit to show at reception